10329235_4767213834953_272599889767828148_nEverybody know’s that 101.1 The Wiz is the only station in the city that’s good at giving the people what they want. Well the streets have been talking, the youngest in charge (DJ J.Dough, Young Steff, DJ Powerhouse) have teamed up to give the city a Local show (Nati Boyz Radio) spotlighting local issues,news and entertainment. Also featuring the new hottest Mixshow in the Game, “Straight Drop Out The Pot Mix” featuring DJ J.Dough & DJ Powerhouse mixing the newest and hottest music out and spotlighting the hottest local artist and music in the city. This week The Nati Boyz got a chance to sit down with Cincinnati’s Own Kalyko and Nuk, who are artist who both have been making a lot of noise in the city with there music and new single “All My.” Listen now and Spread The Word That The Nati Boyz Are Here!!!!!





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