This weekend I ran into an old classmate at the grocery store. We both graduated from Hughes Center and came out of the  Communication program. While catching up he said something that really bothered me, “You are so lucky.” I gave  a polite smile and said “No I’m not lucky, I’m blessed.”I hate when people say you’re so lucky. There is nothing lucky about my life.


Since I’ve been a little girl I’ve had numerous responsibilities, and have had to overcome many hardships. My success and my status didn’t happen over night, this took hard work.  I didn’t win the lottery, I’m not where I am today by mistake. It took dedication,  sacrifice, and consistency to get me here. I had to cry, I had to fast, and I had to pray.

I’ve been through ups and downs. I’ve seen highs and I’ve seen lows. But God has never let me down, and because of his faithfulness I believe he never will. I prayed my way through, sometimes that’s the only thing you can do.  Despite what you may encounter, I encourage you to keep the faith and give your all. Be sure you’re giving 100% of yourself to your dreams, and your goals will become your future. Trust God, acknowledge your efforts, and you will receive the blessings you deserve.

Don’t look at anyone in envy due to what they have, or what you assume they have. Despite what is known or assumed, you never know how much that person worked and prayed to be where they are in their life.

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