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Scandal is back, and tonight’s episode was one of the most nerve-wracking ever!

Olivia was snatched at the end of the winter finale, and as soon as Jake discovered she was gone he ran out of her apartment–in his underwear–to chase after her.  Jake watched as a car sped away, presumably with Liv in it, and memorized the license plate number.  He called Huck to tell him that Liv had been kidnapped, and gave him the plate number to trace.  As it turned out, Liv had been taken to the apartment right across the hall from hers.

Olivia’s captors removed their masks after making sure Jake was off the trail, and killed the elderly neighbor whose house they’d taken over to hold Liv.  They rushed Liv into an ambulance and taunted her with threats, then injected her with some kind of concoction to knock her out.

Liv woke up in a cell with a strange man, Ian, and heard the Islamic call to prayer.  Ian said he was a journalist who had been kidnapped in Egypt.  Liv promised Ian she would save them both.

Olivia had Ian search her back to see if there was a tracking device in her, but he didn’t find anything.  Liv told Ian that, if she was missing, the President of the United States would be looking for her.

Olivia managed to use the underwire from her bra to unlatch the window in the bathroom.  One of the guards burst in just as she got it open and dragged her back to the cell.  He drew his gun but didn’t shoot her, but to punish Liv they took Ian and slammed into the cell across the hall.  Gun shots rang out.

Olivia dreamed Jake rescued her, and then she woke up and got into the shower with Fitz.  In her dream, she was in Vermont with Fitz, who had resigned from office and become mayor of their town.  Liv was making jams, being a real housewife of Vermont.  Abby appeared and told her none of it was real, and she needed to rescue herself.  She pointed to a small ring on the ground and told Liv she had dropped it.

Olivia planned to escape again through the bathroom window, but discovered it had been boarded up.  She collapsed onto the floor and sobbed, then looked over and saw the ring, which was attached to the pipe.

Liv found her Gladiator spirit and knocked out one of the guards with the pipe and shot the other one in the head.  After finally getting through all the locks, she burst through the door only to find herself trapped by Ian, whom it turned out was the one who had her kidnapped.  He told her he needed answers.  But to what?

Tonight’s ‘Scandal’ Was All Twists and Turns  was originally published on theurbandaily.com

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