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Happy Tuesday Kings and Queens.

This pasted Saturday I attended my first Vision Board Party! Write your vision Cincy! It took place at Vintage Beauty. I had the pleasure in sharing my vision with other queens from Cincinnati. The energy was amazing.


“What you think about, you truly do bring about.” says CEO and founder of Jazmine’s House, Jazmine Jackson. #WriteTheVisionCincy provided a union amongst likeminded individuals who all wanted the same thing; to prosper. Attending the vision board party allowed us to provide hope for one another by speaking life into our dreams.

Larrissa Barclay, who has been in Network Marketing for over 6 years, shared her story on being a full time mom and wife, along with becoming a 6 figure earner. She brought her previous vision board and talked with us about how 85% of her vision board came to pass.

After hearing her testimony, I was truly inspired. I can’t explain the level of motivation I received from just putting my goals for this year on my vision board. I must admit, when I first started cutting magazines I was quite nervous because my board looked wordy but in the end, I had no regrets about my board. After I was done, I felt confident, I felt I had purpose, for some reason it didn’t feel like my identity was in question. Making a vision board is very liberating.

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Live your vision and demand success. If you want your vision to be clear you must look inside yourself and truly open up your heart.

Remember, if you don’t have a vision then your reality will always be determined by another person’s perceptions.

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