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It appears there may be a deeper reason Bobby Shmurda is still behind bars after getting locked up on felony conspiracy, gun and drug charges last month, as Shmurda’s uncles are claiming he refuses to let them post bail because he believes they’ve stolen money from him.

Debo and Calvin Wilson, owners of Hard Tymes Records, spoke to Bossip about their nephew, “Hot N***a” rapper Bobby Shmurda, accusing them of stealing a whopping $20,000 on Instagram shortly before his arrest. The brothers claim to have proof they didn’t take the money out of the young Brooklyn spitter’s pocket, but that Shmurda doesn’t believe them and is holding a serious grudge, even so far as refusing bail money. Bossip also reports that they witnessed Calvin Wilson be turned away while trying to visit his nephew at Riker’s Island.

“We just want to make sure he’s alright; that he’s safe,” Calvin Wilson said. “We’re his family, and we’d never turn our backs against him.”

Calvin went on to say that they helped negotiate Shmurda’s $2.5 million record deal and spent $80,000 to get “Hot N***a” on the radio. He also says he and brother Debo were angry over Bobby falsely airing them out on Instagram, believing it will hurt their brand and keep others from wanting to work with Hard Tymes Records.

“We always had his back, we showed him love. We tried to show him the ins and outs of the game…If he felt that the money was taken, he could’ve come to us. To tell the world, you’re tarnishing the record label’s name. People don’t want nothing to do with you when they see stuff like that, so it’s not fair.”

Shmurda remains in protective custody on Riker’s Island. Bobby’s lawyer, Howard Greenberg, said he wasn’t aware of the Wilson brothers and says Bobby’s mother is currently trying to post bail herself, which is set at $2 million.

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Source: Bossip / VladTv

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