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My #WCW is Whitney Houston . She is one of pop’s best music seller, and was awarded female of all time in 2009 from the Guinness World Records. She was a model, actress, and producer. This Queen truly was that woman every woman wanted to be. Her voice was a blessing to the world. Hits like “How Will You Know” , “Where Do Broken Hearts Go”, and ” I Wanna Dance with Somebody” are classics. While we were trying to find love, Whitney was singing about her journey in love. She loved herself, and she taught others how to find the greatest love of all. Despite what I’ve learned about her personal life, she is still the Queen of the night in my eyes. She’s human and we all make mistakes, the only difference is she’s in the public eye. She was a wonderful mother, daughter, and wife with a genuine spirit. Her life experience wasn’t in vain, because she made anthems that gave her strength which gave us strength, with lyrics like “It’s not right but it’s ok”, “Nothing but love”and “I didn’t know my own strength”. Whitney is a legend and I will always love her.

If #WhitneyHouston is your #WCW and you will always love her please #Tag a #friend.

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