Eminem Sued

Eminem is NOT a rap God … according to a MC who claims Marshall Mathers sampled his song “Lookin Boy” without permission — and now he wants MILLIONS.

Raymond Jones — a rapper from the group Hotstylz — is suing Em and his record label for $8 million over the song “Rap God” … which he says features a 25 second sample mid-track.

If you listen to the songs — the music in question does sound strangely similar.

TMZ reached out to a rep for Eminem … so far, no word back.

Toya Wright & Memphitz Separated & Living on Separate Coasts

Lil Wayne’s baby mama Toya Wright is about to be single once again … because TMZ has learned she’s separated from music producer hubby Memphitz … and they’re now living 2,500 miles apart.

According to our sources, Wright (who has a kid with former husband Lil Wayne) and Memphitz have been having big problems … Memphitz recently moved to LA, leaving her behind in ATL.

We’re told Memphitz — who appeared with Toya on the BET reality show “Toya: A Family Affair” — no longer wanted to be part of a “celebrity marriage.” For him, it’s now all about career.

The couple has been married since 2011. Neither side has filed for divorce yet … but we’re told Memphitz will let Toya file the papers. He’s made it clear … reconciliation is NOT in the cards.

As for rumors Memphitz knocked another woman up, not so … apparently he had a vasectomy years ago.

Sevyn Streeter Announces Relationship With B.o.B.?

Sevyn Streeter raised eyebrows on Instagram after seemingly announcing her relationship to Atlanta rapper B.o.B.

Some were confused about the “It Won’t Stop” singer’s post, as she also declared Bobby Ray her #MCM. However, Sevyn seemed to get more personal by adding, “So you know, I got what you want….Let’s be undeniable….Here’s to 2015 Bobby.”


Cast Of VH1 “Sorority Sisters” Sits Down To Addresses Recent Criticism

A new entry to VH1’s reality line-up titled “Sorority Sisters” has created a national protest, as many have criticized the perceived exploitation of distinguished black Greek letter organizations. Calling for it’s removal, many advertisers including the NBA, have already fallen back from the controversial show which follows a mix of women from all four respective sororities.

Despite acknowledging the backlash VH1 has no plans to pull the show, stating to Buzzfeed: “We are definitely hearing the conversation around Sorority Sisters and are taking the concerns of our viewers into account. Currently there are no changes planned for the series. The show seems to be connecting with an audience.”

Sitting together on stage, at the end of show the cast came together to address the controversy and reveal their individual thoughts and motives for joining the production. Speaking candidly about the backlash received following the show’s debut, the ladies also spoke about death threats received and the very real possibility of being removed from their respective organizations.

Said Metoya Monroe  “I didn’t do this for the the money. Everybody doesn’t always get along and I think it’s naive of us to act like we do. I do not get along with every woman that I come across, yet we can be adults about the situation.  I don’t think that I should be ashamed of what I pledged, because I pledged to get into this organization (Delta Sigma Theta.)”

While most stood by their decision to appear on the show, there was also regret shown about the experience as a whole as well as the perception given about sorority members.

A visibly shaken April McRae (Alpha Kappa Alpha) explained, “First of all let me just say that I am sorry. It was never my intention to sign up for this show and disrespect my sorority, I signed up to represent April. To better myself, to move my life in another direction and to grow my business. I didn’t sign up to speak for an entire group of people and I am sorry.”

Taraji P. Henson Claps Back at 50 Cent for Shading “Empire”

50 Cent recently commented on Taraji P. Henson’s new show “Empire,” and says that while he respects Henson and Terrence Howard, Fif claims they ripped the marketing from his show, “Power.”

“POWER Season 2 is unbelievably good trust me. I have the best writers and show runner. I like Terrence Howard and Taraji Henson. I don’t like that They would copy the Marketing.”

It wasn’t long after the Queens rapper wrote his message that Taraji responded to a fan asking about 50’s statement. The famed actress shot back with a teasing remark about the rapper.


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