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If you’ve got kids who you want in bed early or a drunk friend who needs to call it night onNew Years Eve, Netflix has your back. The streaming service is offering a fake countdown to trick children into thinking it’s midnight. An animated lemur named King Julien from All Hail King Julien will host the three-minute special of lies.

Think this sounds lame? We’re with you. Apparently 34 percent of parents already trick their children into going to bed early on the special occasion. We don’t have the statistics to back this, but we imagine these are the same parents who don’t ever let their kids eat Fruit Loops and are keeping Kidz Bop in business. Kids need structure to prevent them from turning into little assholes, but you have to give them some freedom.

That said, we’d have nothing but respect for someone who successfully uses this to get their sauced friend to bed early. Consider this one last challenge for 2014.

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