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‘Die-in’ on downtown streets protest Brown, Garner deaths by police

Protesters hit the streets frustrated over the lack of charges for a police officer whose actions led to Eric Garner’s death in New York.

“I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe,” chanted a crowd laying on the street in downtown Detroit Thursday.

The “die-in” occurred midday in the middle of Detroit’s Campus Martius. From business suits to yoga mats, they laid there chanting “I can’t breathe” trying to show what Eric Garner went through in his final moments. So many angry that the police officer who put him in a choke hold causing his death, wasn’t held accountable.

All these protesters wanted to be a  part of it, sending a very important message and demanding change. They join thousands across the country who have taken to the streets, because they feel there is no excuse for Garner’s death.

The unarmed black man was stopped for selling untaxed loose cigarettes, a ticketable offense but because he resisted arrest, the police union argued officer Daniel Pantaleo was forced to use the choke hold move that lead to his death.

Ernest Jarrett is a Detroit lawyer who has been involved police misconduct litigation over the last 35 years, attended the protest. From there, protesters took to Woodward, blocking traffic walking all the way to Wayne State University. They call it a start – and as long as they feels some officers are getting away with murder, it’s far from over.

“Absolutely,” said protestor Katie McGowan. “Alot of the murders we don’t hear about. It’s time for a change.”

Feds: Michigan-based doctor botched surgeries for profit

The feds say Dr. Aria Sabit performed 200 unnecessary back surgeries in California on elderly patients resulting in infections, lawsuits and at least one death. Sabit moved his practice to Michigan in 2011 with an office in Southfield, and with practicing privileges at the Detroit Medical Center and McLaren Lapeer Region.

On Thursday in federal court, prosecutors called Sabit a greedy butcher continuing his back and neck surgeries in Michigan but never implementing the medical spinal devices meant to help his patients.

The FBI says Sabit billed Medicare and insurance companies more than $32 million, netting a profit of $1.8 million for himself. The government says he is an extreme flight risk to run from fraud charges back to his native Afghanistan. In his home country, Sabit’s father is the former attorney general and his uncle is the current speak of their government house. In emails presented on Thursday, Sabit told investigators he can get his hands on U.S. aid money to build a for-profit hospital netting $30 million in profit in its first year, and he recently traveled to Afghanistan carrying precious gems for his role in recruiting investors for a mining operation.

The judge will make a ruling on his detention on today.

Mom followed, robbed in her garage in Farmington Hills

Farmington Hills Police are working to find the man they believe followed a young mother out shopping, and then robbed her once she returned home. She wasn’t in hindsight paying attention to her surroundings as she left the area of Orchard Lake Road and 14 Mile. Police believe she was followed from there to her home in the area of 13 Mile and Halsted.

When she got home she parked in her garage, but left the door open. She took her baby inside. When she came back into the garage to grab what she had just bought, there was a man with a bandana over his face. He had his hand in his sweatshirt pocket, and implied he also had a gun. He demanded she hand over her ring. Fearing for her life, she did.

Police say they have seen similar crimes in the past in neighboring communities. She is sharing her story to warn others, especially moms, be aware of your surroundings. She believes she was targeted because she was distracted by her baby.

Farmington Hills Police are asking anyone with information that can help in the investigation to give them a call.

Written by LBeasley (Lauren Beasley), Digital Producer of The Morning Heat and Sports Editor of Radio One Detroit

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