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“Evan has always been driven…we started seeing this passion around age 13-14” says Michael and Linda Mauldin parents of producer and entrepreneur Evan “Young Ex” Johnson. It all started as a dream, and it is now a legacy! Family and Friends, gathered together on Saturday for the grand opening of the newly self-built, Timeless Recording Studios.

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Everyone including “Baby Jace” showed up for the opening, which took place behind the Old Jim bean factory in Bond Hill.  Artists, Engineers and even Ex’s classmates networked and celebrated together, as they anticipated Ex’s new studio. The opening kicked off with a special cutting of the ribbon.

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Musicians and Supporters did not the let the cold weather keep them from witnessing this historical moment, they waited patiently with smiles. “This is a bar that’s being set, top of the line studio, this is the premiere spot to record,” says Sunny the Engineer friend and competitor of Young Ex. Once the ribbon was cut, the “ooohs” and “awwws” didn’t stop. Sunny adds, “We’re all competition, but we still help each other and we still work together. If I have vocals that I’m unsure about I will send it over to Young Ex.”


I don’t know if it was the wooden floors, crush velvet walls, or the gold mics, but everyone was astonished. Rapper, Block Obama scheduled his appointment right there and started new project on Monday with Young Ex.

Photos Courtesy of Spoken Art Photography  

This spacious 4 room set up was clearly well thought out, lobby, office, vocal booth and studio control room. When you entered the studio, there is a waiting area with a receptionist desk in the lobby; gold plates filled the wall with photos and singles of Stuey Rock, Lantana, Adrien Broner and K Camp, produced by Young Ex. “The first time I recorded with Ex was in 06 in his mommas house, to see him go from moms house to this is great” says RCA recording artist Lantana.


Following the tour, Champagne glasses filled their air with Moet and Belliaire. Young Ex spoke from the heart,”To black, to youth, this is when they say black people aren’t doing no good and the young people don’t know what they’re doing, I’m 24 and I’m representing the young right now baby.” After the toast,the cake was cut and it was time to get down to business. Ex and business manager explained the companies policies and procedures, and left room for Q and A. “No More, Ex I’m about to come through.” If you want to book a session you can only do so online, and at that time you will have to make a deposit. “This is a big step for the local movement,” says music producer and engineer for MMG artist Kick Lee.

Ex challenges recording artists to set up their game and to start operating in a professional matter and be responsible for their own destiny. Stay Tuned and keep your eyes on my tweets @EbonyJShow for exclusive interview with Young Ex and  Timeless Recordings Studio .

See what his family, friends and Parents had to say about his accomplishments HERE.

Did you attend the grand opening? What do you think of Timeless Recording Studios?

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