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If anyone needed to be afraid in Tasha Smith‘s marriage, the actress claims it’s her.

Last week, Smith’s husband, Keith Douglas took out a shocking restraining order against the actress, claiming that she’s threatened him several times throughout their marriage. Today, however, TMZ reports that Smith has made a filing of her own against Keith.

In court documents, Smith claims that her husband would often accuse her of being a lesbian when he would burst into a jealous rage. The “For Better Or Worse” star said he’d even called her a “f*cking d*ke” on at least one occasion.

Although Smith is legally required to remain at least two yards away from Douglas while they’re under the same roof, she said that she’s worried about her personal well-being during his fits. “When he’s in a rage, I feel that he is capable of killing me.” Supposedly, she’s even told him that she’s afraid that she may end up like “The Shield” actor Michael Jace’s wife. Jace, a personal friend of Smith’s, allegedly shot his wife dead.

Smith will reach out to high-profile friends like Tisha Campbell-Martin to verify her allegations. In the meantime, there’s word that Smith has moved out of their home.

Their divorce is already getting off to a messy start, and it’s not likely to get better from here.

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