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Nakeen Robinson a.k.a. 3Letterz Nuk was born and raised in South Side Chicago.

​As a rapper and dancer,​ has spent over a decade in the ‘Nati with the dream to achieve mainstream success.

Nuk’s music career started with the rap group “So Seductive”.  After a short period with the group, he later found himself partnered with an R&B singer out of Louisville, KY named Elliott Nicholas. Together, Nuk and Nicholas took over their respective college campuses. Eventually the two went their separate ways, and Nuk took it as a sign to pursue a solo career.  In 2010, he purchased his first beat and ended up with his first hit single, “Nati Dance“. Nuk came through demanding respect, creating a name for himself, and working tirelessly to be heard.  Since going solo he has performed all over Cincinnati.

As of 2014, Nuk has released a new project tiled “I Couldn’t Make This Up.”

After recently traveling from city to city on the “Under The influence Tour,” Nuk has been inspired to keep going. Below he talks about the hardships he’s faced as a solo artist and how challenging it has been to be a rap artist.

Get the inside scoop on his new mix tape, and find out how he feels about not being apart of “The Cincinnati Riot”.  Also, learn why he will not be a part of the “R & B TakeOver” in the interview below:

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