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Cyrus is tricking for $2,500? That’s really going to come back and bite him in the ass. Lizzie and her male “prostitute” are cooking up something big. We know Cyrus is dirty; I don’t think I can handle what’s about to come next.

It gets better and better each week. Fitz actually knows Abby’s name now and thanked her for trying to look out for Mellie. Poor Mellie had finally found something that seemed to get her back into the groove but it backfired during a meeting. I hope she doesn’t give up and stay down much longer…

Quinn confronted Olivia and Huck about not checking in on her while she was missing for 24 hours. She stated that the reason Harrison died is because of the group’s negligence in checking on one another regularly. Huck promised Quinn that he would look for her if she went missing.

I think the gladiators are coming back together but will this mean war in the end? Will Olivia see what she’s apart of before it’s too late? Jake is obviously not willing to play second to Fitz but does he love her enough to fight with her father? Daddy Pope declared war when he said he wasn’t leaving town! They are turning up in D.C.!

What are your thoughts and predictions for next week’s episode?


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