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So Jason Derulo broke up with my girl Jordan sparks over the phone? “Where they do that at?!” in my ratchet girl voice. He told the Breakfast Club yesterday that the breakup had nothing to do with cheating. So what caused the breakup?

Derulo told The YBF, “When you start having more downs than ups, you have to look at your relationship.” I agree but dayyuum… Why not break up with her face-to-face? I feel like breaking up over the phone is such a cowardly move. Sure he travels the country a lot working but damn! I feel like Jordin deserves more than “I  think we should just be friends” over the phone.

I’ve been dumped over the phone and the feeling isn’t pleasant whatsoever. You can talk things out better face-to-face than over the phone but that’s just my opinion.

Read more details from this story HERE and tell me what your thoughts are!

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