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Today’s 2014 Women’s Empowerment was a total blessing! I had the opportunity to meet Missy B from Columbus Magic 106.3 after she joined my radios sistas DJ Dimepiece and the Birthday girl, Paigion for the Women In Radio Uncut Panel . One thing they talked about that really challenged me was “Every woman should have a mission statement.” That’s something I never thought of but I’m excited about creating in the future. Do you have a mission statement for your future? Schools, Businesses and even radio stations have one , I can see how one may  be useful in helping to stay focused on your goals.

Their session inspired me to write this post for the ladies who weren’t able to make it.

5 things to Know about being  a Woman in Radio:

  1. You MUST Be about your business. Working in a male dominated filed means you must be serious about your craft at all time because men will try you. As a woman, it’s rare to be taken serious.
  2. Give your all. You must be passionate in everything you do.  You must work extra hard to prove that you belong! You must show and prove!
  3. Be open and ready to learn. You must first start from the bottom in order to reach the top. Intern, get experience, you may even have to work for free a little before you see some real cash.  You can’t come into this profession expecting to touch the airwaves and be full time with benefits;  you must put in work first. OH no, it takes time, you must learn the basics first.
  4.  Hard Work Is Required.  There will be late nights and early morning but it will be all worth it in the end.  Some nights you may not get sleep but when things seem hard and you don’t think you’re going to make it to the end and you want to quit, you must Never Give Up!
  5. Walk in Faith.  Believe that you are walking in your purpose and trust that you will be given everything you need to do all the things that are required of you from God!

This knowledge has helped me get to where I am now.  There is no mixing business with pleasure. I’m like T. I. “If It Ain’t about the Money” we have nothing to talk about.

Whenever I come to work, I’m always prepared. Even when I’m off work I’m working because this field requires you to be engaged 24/7 .   I’m like a sponge; I’m very open when it comes to learning new things and you really should too if this is the career you are seeking! You must be “in the know” at all times. Breaking news might happen, your job is to be the first and most trusted source with all the details.  I love this! I love working for the people. I feel it’s my purpose from God to Engage, Educate and Empower others.  This is why I created The Ebony J Show, to bring real talk to real people. I try to do this daily, whether I’m on the airwaves, on the big screen, on social media  or directly in the community.

Who are you? How are you different from others ? What are you doing to make sure that you are branding yourself and reaching your goals? You must answer all these questions! The sky is the limit don’t be afraid to shine like the star you are!


Special Salute to Queen Paigion for making Source magazine‘s Power 30  Dj’s . As you can see Hard work pays off, keep climbing to the top beautiful!

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