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Julia Baker better known as Olivia Pope is back, fresh off the island with her new love, Jake. She returned home to bury her friend Harrison who was found dead and murdered by none other, B-6 13.  Olivia first instinct was to go check on the gladiator’s headquarters only to find  furniture covered and evidence that someone had been spying on her. Coincidently, she ran into Quinn and learned that  there was no more Pope & Associates. Huck now known as Randy works customer service at an electronics store. Abbey has assumed the role as the new “Olivia”, press rep for the White House. We find that Mellie is still in a deep depression after learning that her late son was fathered by her father-in-law. The president is standing behind her for now, but we don’t know for how long now that he’s learned that Olivia is back.

 I don’t know why Olivia thought she could sneak back in the country without being noticed.  She was sucked back into  yet another scandal defending a victim of assault shortly after her return. At first she regret her decision but later reconsidered after reminiscing on the words of the late Harrison, “Are we gladiators or Are We Bitches?” Was this her real motive for staying or was it really to get the Presidents attention?

Is it just me or did their passing seem a little awkward? Come on, how many more times do you think Fitz is going to let Olivia walk past him without “clearing the room” and snatching her up in his presidential arms? Will Jake stick around for another affair between the two? How will Mellie’s mental state affect Fitz’s second term as president?  The team of gladiators have reunited so what does this mean for Abby and the White House? What is Papa Pope up to? We clearly  know that he’s the slickest when its comes to scandals! And as always, where is Mama Pope?

What are your predictions for next week’s episode?

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