Triple Shooting OSU

Two police officers shot and killed a man last night after he was waving his gun and yelling while disturbing his neighbors Sunday evening. Police arrived in Price Hill on 300 block of Rosemont Avenue after witness reported hearing multiple shots fired over an hour.

Officers used a tactical approach to handle the situation. They asked him to put his gun down but he refused and responded by pointing his gun at officers. This forced them to defend themselves by shooting him. Both officers fired once. According to WCPO, “Officers arrived on scene and upon arrival, after taking a tactical approach to the residence, they were met by a male subject who pointed a firearm at them,” Blackwell said.

Blackwell also says one of the officers were  actually wearing a body camera at the time due to their 30- trails of the CPD camera testing period.

For more details on the story visit  click Here.

Source: WCPO

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