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Meek Mill Went into a twitter rant today against his label mate Wale. Check out the tweets below!



When u young and successful..U experience a different type of racism.and it brings jealousy,hate & a new level of people tryna bring u down

Wale just ain’t gone tweet a thing about my album…. He’s been hating on me long time now …don’t even text me cornball! 

Everybody can see it! None of y’all dudes don’t call me text me nothing it is what it is!

I don’t really want no suckas in arm reach of me…. My hands might lose control! That’s how I’m rocking

I ain’t doing no more acting for no rap s—–!

If he claim he got shooters and muscle send em….. Ima b in the hood all day wit these high beams on my neck you can’t miss me!

What do you think?

To See and Hear the Meek Mill Diss Song Click HERE


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