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This story is getting a lot of attention and we don’t know how to feel about this one.

“I wanted to put [R&B singer] August Alsina on blast, and I’m thinking about suing him for hurting me. He ripped my cervix.

It’s a long story, but August reached out to me on Instagram, after he saw some of my bikini photos. It started off as innocent flirting. I wasn’t even convinced it was really him. There are a lot of catfishes outchea. Anyway, a few months back, he asked me to fly to Virginia to his concert. He said that we could to hang out after. He didn’t pay for the flight, but he left me tickets and backstage passes which was nice of him. After the concert he was acting real nice. He introduced me as his girlfriend to everyone there. I felt so special. We went out to a club for about an hour. He held my hand for the whole night. I was in heaven. Then we went back to his hotel it was ON. READ MORE HERE

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