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hd-weed-wallpaper-4-1024x576Voters in a few California cities who have a love for mean-green will soon be able to puff puff pass and rock the vote at the same damn time.

Voters who cast a ballot in San Jose’s municipal election on Tuesday could receive free marijuana from the city’s medical marijuana dispensaries, NBC reported.

In addition to choosing a new mayor, residents of the California city will elect half of the ten seats on the City Council. A proposal the council is still debating would effectively zone dispensaries out of business, supporters say, so owners are offering discounted and in some cases free marijuana to residents with medical cannabis cards on Tuesday. All they have to do is present their “I Voted” sticker or a ballot stub to participating dispensaries.

“We have a huge opportunity to make a large impact in who runs San Jose,” said John Lee, Director of the Silicon Valley Cannabis Coalition, in a statement. “Although we may not have regulations on the June ballot, insuring the right politicians are elected is even more important.”

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