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Lance Stephenson said after game four that LeBron James weak because he began trash talking at the end of the game and said it was a sign go weakness, the outcome of Lance’s trash talking was LeBron torching the Pacers.

In the words of Chris Bosh, “Don’t wake up a sleeping dog.” By this time it was way too late as James was probably already in attack mode for game 5. Pouring out 32 points, 10 points and five points as the Heat routed the Pacers 102-90 in the win.

James showed on Monday why he was a strong contender for MVP at the end of the season. The Pacers are known for their physical defense, but LeBron played with physical offense out muscling the tight Pacers defense, going to the paint at will.

While Stephenson’s comments may have pushed LeBron’s buttons and made him give his all in game five, he made a point that the chase to 3peat is what fuels his game play. At only 29, James is looking to capture his third ring with looking to make his fifth NBA finals appearance. Making it to the finals and winning a title would put him talks with Kobe Bryant and put him in the playing field of Michael Jordan with rings.

LeBron’s game five performance put him the record books to become the first player in NBA history to have 25 points, five rebounds and five assists in 74 career playoff games.


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