MIAMI, Florida (KRON 4) — San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and wide receiver Quinton Patton along with a Seattle Seahawks player are all named in a police report in connection with an alleged sexual assault that happened in Miami on the night of April 1st.

The report, which has redacted the name of the alleged victim, says the incident happened at the Miami apartment of Seahawks wide receiver Ricardo Lockett. The apartment is located inside the Viceroy Hotel.

In the report, filed on April 4, the victim told detectives she went to Lockett’s residence and talked with Kaepernick and Patton while she mixed some drinks for them. She says the players told her that in order to drink with them she would need to “hit” a bong containing marijuana.

The victim told detectives she started to feel light-headed after a while and so decided to go lie down, taking off her jacket and jewelry. She says Kaepernick, with whom she has had a previous sexual relationship, kissed her and undressed her. She says they did not have intercourse.

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