Well what are you spending on these days? Married, single, Kids, anything?

I’m single, I have a daughter… and I’m single. (Laughs)

Has the sudden rush of women been a big adjustment?

No adjustment, I’m used to this. It ain’t like I just started getting b*tches, I always been having women. So it’s nothing new, there is like a lot of new ones around and I don’t really like to f*ck with corny ass b*tches like that though. I might one-night em or whatever, but they’re not like, around. You know?

So describe the kind of women that gets to stick around.

The ones that have been here.

So is the motto ‘no new chicks’?

There’s definitely new chicks and there’s definitely new people around but I don’t leave them around to kick it. I definitely keep the circle small.

How’s your circle adjusting to the new fame?

Everybody’s cool with it. For instance, my daughter, like when I pick her up from school, all the kids mob, wanting to get autographs and pictures. When I’m not there they’re like “Oh Ty Dolla Signs’s your dad? Tell him I said hi!” And she’ll ask me, “Why do they tell me that??” (Laughs)  But I tell her, this is how it is but you’re not in school to talk about me. Make sure you just do your work. She’s cool with it though.

How’s the relationship with her mother? Is she cool, too?

It’s actually better now because I was able to pay off all my child support. So we’re a lot cooler now. (Laughs) You now what I mean? I’ve been getting money for awhile, you know? I’ve had other deals and stuff and I brought cars and all that kind of weirdo sh*t back then. So this time, I’ve actually just been stacking and stacking and stacking and stacking. And like the child support? That sh*t was f*cking thirty-five racks bro. So that was big and I just fu*king paid that sh*t all the way off man. So that’s the biggest thing I brought so far. (Laughs)


Thirty-five racks bro… they put penalties and shit from not paying.

How old is your daughter?? 

She’s nine. Yeah dog, it was crazy. But I’ve heard there’s niggas out there with $200,000 in child support due. So I’m lucky and God is great. I know not a lot of people get to do it.

 So what’s next for you? How do we get those racks back?

I’m working on the album right now. Like I said it’s called “Free TC” I’m about, eight songs in. I’m working on other peoples stuff, I got a couple joints on YGs album that just dropped. I’m excited about that to see how well it does. the “Beach House EP” is still out, I’m gonna shoot a couple more videos for that. I got Beach House the tour coming up, its already doing good on sales and every show I’m doing is just getting bigger and bigger. So it’s just amazing. I feel lucky, but I know what I’m doing while I’m lucky. So it’s just perfect and I’m really going to seize the moment.

What do we call this style of music that bringing in all this success for you?

It’s definitely R&B, I’m definitely singing… umm, its Hip-Hop though. But I mean, if you’re talking to RZA, he’s gonna say its R&B. (Laughs)

But it’s also not Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, Trey Songz, traditional either.

Nah, it’s like that real n*gga R&B, you feel me? It’s that real sh*t. But now Chris Brown just did one of my songs…  the “Loyal” song? I wrote that first verse and that hook. I shot him the alley-oop and he came in with the second verse and dunked it. And now we got that song “Loyal” out. He’s been coming with the sound too and the whole style of just talking that real sh*t. And I think they always wanted to. Dudes like him, Trey Songz, they’re just like me you know what I’m saying?  We’re out here doing our sh*t you know? I’m sure they wanted to say all this shit but the labels be holding them back because they want them to be this clean-cut R&B dude. But… you know, we out here turned up! (Laughs) I’m not messing it up, it’s just like Hip-Hop man. There’s different people, you don’t have to copy every R&B dude, you can be original. I’m gon be original. I’m not ‘gon let nobody tell me to f*cking… write like this and sing like this and dress like that and lose weight. F*ck that. (Laughs)

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