Rap group Public Enemy wants to release an album — entirely funded by donations from their fans!

Say what?!

In return for investing in the project, fans will get albums, meet-and-greets and even a cut of the profits! Using website SellaBand, Public Enemy set a goal of raising $75,000 through donations.

They tried this once before with a goal of $250,000 but they topped out at $67,000. A statement says:

“We have learned that the fan-funding model is still not fully developed and, as a result, a $250,000 fund-raising effort, while possible, will take too long to accomplish…As a result of our SellaBand experience and all that we have learned, we now believe that a $75,000 fund raising target will fulfil the needs for a new recording project and is much more appropriate for the strength of the existing SellaBand model and the current economic climate.”


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