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mom fights child florida

(photo: CBS 4 Miami)

Having to worry about your child getting into a fight at school is one thing, but to be a parent fighting your child’s classmate is, well, nonsense. That’s what happened when Irisdaly Rios fought her middle school daughter’s classmate on Wednesday, and she was arrested for battery.

Rios’ daughter got into an altercation with another student outside of Hileah Middle School, according to CBS 4 Miami. When Rios picked her up from school and her daughter told her about the fight, she took matters into her own hands and began to swing on the child.

Another student, Daniel Portal, recorded the fight on his phone.

“She got out of the car and saying she was going to hit or or whatever.  She started holding and touching her and then she backed away, she approached her and started swinging,” said Portal.

Watch the report below.


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