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Meshell Ndegeocello Performs In Badalona

Meshell Ndegeocello is back with another album, “Comet Come to Me,” and she continues to prove that she doesn’t want to be labeled by anyone’s box.

In an interview with Boombox, Ndegeocello that her new album isn’t a concept album but more like acts of “randomness,” and it’s most where she can be herself. “It’s the only time I feel genderless, race-less,” said Ndegeocello. “I just feel at ease, you just have one thing to concentrate on.”

She credits that willingness to be open as to why she refuses to identify herself as being hetero- or homosexual.  “I’m sexually functional with both genders,” she said. “If I choose to be with this one, who knows what the future holds? It’s such a weird concept to me that it’s so important to how you judge my music or my character or anything about me. I’m never assuming what heterosexual people are doing.”

Watch her interview below.


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