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56th GRAMMY Awards - Backstage And Audience

Give it up for Daft Punk, Macklemore, Lorde, and Pharrell!  Last night the Grammys took over the nation and everyone is talking about the winners, performances, and more.  One of the surprises of the evening was the Grammy love the electronic Duo Daft Punk received. Winning two of the biggest awards of the night Album of the year and record of the year.  Social networks went crazy last night with people who did not know who Daft Punk was.  Their music has had an impact on hip-hop for years and they have worked with huge artists such as Kanye West on his song “Stronger”.  Then others may recognize them as the two robots they’ve seen on television or music videos before.

But the biggest question of the evening was what does Daft Punk really look like under those robot masks?  Well WIZ Nations own At Work Network and some listeners tried to guess what this duo really looks like.  Could they be artists we already know?  Check out our gallery and see if you can find the REAL DAFT PUNK

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Who Is The Real Daft Punk?
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