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*(Via iDateDaily) – If you rounded up several couples in a room and asked them whether or not they want to be cheated on by their significant other, I’d imagine that most of them would say no.

If you take that same group of couples and asked them whether or not infidelity is a deal breaker in their relationship, you may receive a variety of responses.

Under perfect circumstances, most couples would like to avoid infidelity at any cost; but we all know life isn’t perfect. One thing we must understand is, cheating means different things to different couples.

In some relationships, cheating is defined as intimacy that involves penetration, which means oral sεx, kissing, and/or going to dinner with someone else are not considered cheating. In other relationships, the aforementioned permissible actions are forbidden. While there are many reasons that people should leave a significant other for cheating, there are also reasons why couples shouldn’t leave.

  1. You’re dismantling the family structure: Thousands of families have been ripped apart because one parent’s feelings were hurt after they were cheated on by the other parent. Having children isn’t a death sentence and they don’t live with you forever, so what does it hurt to keep the relationship together for the kids? You do understand that your kid(s) didn’t ask to be born, right? Most adults pretend to have their children’s best interest at heart, but when their children’s other parent upsets them, time and time again the disgruntled parent’s ego overhauls their selflessthinking and turns them into extremely selfish beings. Your children don’t have to know what mommy and daddy are doing behind closed doors, so if mommy and daddy decide to have sεx with other people while living under the same roof, whose business is it?

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