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Now a days music and movies go hand and hand in the entertainment world. Actors become rappers or singer and vice versa. Tyrese, Mack Wild are Beyonce are just a few. Not only that but with the closing of Block Busters, Red Box at almost every store, netflix and so many other venues online movie viewing has been on the rise. Even the new smart tv’s have online movie viewing built in. People always ask “Whatchuu Watching” when they see my laptop up. I love my Netflix so every Wed I’ll be suggesting a movie for you to check out asking for your feedback. Today I’m suggesting a movie called “Upside Down” starring Jim Sturgees and Kirsten Dunst. Now don’t get it twisted but it’s a love story… Lol. Hey I came up on it on the humble and started liking it.But it’s not your typical “Chick Flick”. It’s a Sci-Fi movie about a man named Adam who lives on a poverty-stricken world, while Eden is from its affluent twin planet, and their love sparks an interplanetary incident. Social stigma, family and government forces work to keep them apart, but they’ll stop at nothing to be together. I liked it because of the special effects were crazy and it kinda made me think if that could be possible. Not a scientist but the whole gravity thing in the beginning mad sense!! And with it being cold out and “Cuddle Season” it will make a great date movie. I won’t ruin the ending but check it out for yourself and let me know what you thought about it.

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