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According to Too Fab the most recent gorgeous pic of baby North West that Kimmy K posted to her Instagram is coming under fire and for the most ridiculous reason ever! Her  little cutie pie North West is so bright eyed and sweet in the pic but all anyone can seem to say in social media is that they think Kim had North’s eyebrows arched and filled in! Wait what?! We don’t know who to be more shocked at….the public for suggesting it or Kim for possibly doing it…or whatever idiot thought that up for babies in the first place! Who does that?

Anyway…here are a few examples of the types of tweets that were flooding twitter today over the pic.

We spend our childhoods trying to look older and everyday thereafter trying to look younger…at some point how bout we just let girls and grown women look however they wish to look without any judgement? Oh wait that would be too much like right …we forgot…carry on! SOH (Shaking Our Heads).

Man look! We don’t know if it’s true or not but considering what it would take for it to have been done we are hoping that it wasn’t!

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