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It’s sad celebrities have to go to twitter to set the record straight these days. Rumors that Ja’Rule left his wife for a man are  spreading fast.

Rapper, whose real name is Jeffrey Atkins, quashed the gossip in a tweet Tuesday:

Ja Rule @Ruleyork

“Ok I guess I have to address the idiots these rumors are FALSE LIES made up by some non mf factor website CLOWNS lmao…”

On Wednesday, he denied gay rumors once again by posting a pic with his Boo Thang!

Ja Rule @Ruleyork

“Sorry to disappoint all the haters who want the rumors to be true so bad lol.Merry Xmas stupid love Mick&Mal.Lmao ”

For more on this story visit my source here.

Check your source first please people before you go spreading rumors!

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