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The return is real! The King of R & B is back like he never left fans are reminding him how unforgotten he really is! His latest Project ” Black Panties” is getting attention, but I’m not sure its the attention R. Kelly predicted. His plans for consumer engagement on Twitter  didn’t get quite like he was expected. Yesterday, Kelly tweeted :

I want all my fans and everyone out there to know that this is REALLY me answering your questions, so fire away

Fans were not shy at all. Reads selected tweets from #AskRKelly fans tweets here.

While R. Kelly has his die-hard supporters who never fail to mention that he should be allowed to move on from his past, there are many more who can not forgive his alleged victimization of underage girls and have permanently boycotted his music.

As Facebook user Zahir  Oluwaseyi wrote:

How does [R. Kelly] still get a pass? This dude has raped multiple girls (a teenager, legally, can not consent to sex). This dude is a pervert and should be in prison. Let’s see, in 94 he married a 15-year-old. In 96 he was sued for sleeping with another 15-year-old. In 2000 his manager quit saying it was because Kelly needed psychiatric help because of his addiction to little girls. In 2002 he was finally arrested for the infamous sex tape (the girl was in the 8th grade at the time). And those are just the teenagers that we know about. Who knows how many countless others have been destroyed by this piece of garbage. Yes, he makes great music but he is also a terrible human being and that should mean something. To all the people coping pleas for this sick bastard, imagine if your daughter, younger sister or little cousin was 13 and a 30-year-old man was sleeping with her. Would you still be okay with this demon?

Ironically, the Pied Piper himself has two daughters. Perhaps someone should #AskRKelly to answer this young womans question!



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