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We toldya Boobie posted pics all booed up with a stripper in a Houston club. Well, it didn’t end there, he also posted this Instagram video which many folks are saying is a direct message to his wife…

He posted another photo of dollar bills on the floor, writing,

“Round 2. GNight!! #Luv.”

Boobie’s strip club outing comes on the heels of rumors that he and Keyshia are heading towards splitsville. A few months ago, rumors began circulating that he cheated on his wife. Boobie quickly slammed reports via Twitter writing,

“As for MTO, all you do tell lies for an audience, and since the world is so captivated by negativity, you thrive. But I WOULD NEVER CHEAT on my wife.”

But despite rumors, he admitted on the social media network that he and Keyshia are going through a rough patch.

“We not getting along right now, true, but dont spread that type of negativity,”

he wrote.

I think it’s safe to say…this marriage may be over! Damn damn damn!



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