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“I feel whatever people choose to do with their marriage is their business. In my marriage, no,” Phaedra Parks tells Sister 2 Sister magazine in an interview when asked how she feels about open marriage.

The subject was broached because of Kenya Moore, the least-liked, trouble-making co-star on the reality series, “Real Housewives of Atlanta;” who has apparently been texting Parks’ husband Apollo without her knowledge or consent.

At the season 5 reunion show of RHOA, Kenya commented that Apollo had been reaching out to her (platonically). But Phaedra doesn’t want her man exchanging text messages with women.

Well, let’s hope she checked HIM too. No double-standards! It takes two to tango, baby-girl!

And of course NeNe Leakes inserted herself in the conversation; writing in a recent BravoTV.com blog: “Kenya, it’s inappropriate to text anybody’s husband without their knowledge. You broke the G-Code!”

Phaedra, who shares two children with Apollo, says motherhood is her “greatest accomplishment,” and admits to S2S that “There is such a need and demand for strong men. It’s a lot of stress on me because I want to be supermom.” She says it is quite a challenge, with motherhood, all of her business ventures and the reality show, to spend quality time with her husband.

“Marriage is tough. The more time you can spend with your spouse—definitely quality time—it sorta makes it a lot better and hopefully it creates more intimacy in the relationship,” she says.

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