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Illusionist David Blaine will be airing a new special on ABC, “David Blaine: Real or Magic,” in November and it will feature a star-studded roster of guests including Kanye West.

Considering that Kim Kardashian’s fiance has been canceling Yeezus tour days left and right anyway, we think he should have a nice seat in the phantom zone for a spell and we think Blaine can help.

Here are 10 Reasons David Blaine should make Kanye disappear for a bit:

10. For selling $150 white t-shirts

9. For selling t-shirts with the confederate flag

Kanye West Sells Merchandise Showing Confederate Flags At “Yeezus” Tour

8. For saying Kim Kardashian should get a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

7. For saying that Kim Kardashian was more relevant to fashion than Michelle Obama.

Kanye Says Kimmy K Is More Influential Than Michelle Obama [VIDEO]

6.For getting mad at a spoof featuring kids then using Spongebob memes to act tough…and then deleting them.

Kanye West Blasts Jimmy Kimmel For Spoofing His Interview [TWEETS]

5. For bragging about leather jogging pants in the Zane interview:

Kanye West: “Rappers Are The New R&B N*ggas” [VIDEO]

4. For shopping at Barney’s wearing the Confederate Flag merch:

3. For taking 6 months to respond to Ray-J’s “I Hit It First”

2. For proposing to Kim in a baseball park then acting surprised that someone put it on Youtube.

1.For speaking  like Suge Knight is using him for a sock puppet.

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