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Don’t look for a Jill Scott and T-Pain collaboration anytime soon. The candid R&B superstar, who stars in Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too (hitting theaters Friday), told VIBE she’s not a fan of studio-driven Auto-tune vocals.

“I think there is a time for everything, but it’s actually gotten on my nerves,” Scott explained to VIBE of the robotic sound. “We’ve had a lot of Auto-Tuning in the last couple of years. But I like to hear how someone sounds. I like to hear how they sing. I like to hear your vocal runs, your voice, you energy. And right now I don’t really hear any of that. I don’t know what I’m getting. It sounds more computerized than human to me.”

Scott, who is set to tour with Maxwell starting May 21 and is currently working on a new album to be released later this year, says she is glad such back-to-basics artists as the aforementioned neo-soul king and Erykah Badu are still releasing new music.

“I love that Badu is coming out and she is going to sing…thank you!” Scott exclaims.  “I love that Maxwell is out and he’s going to sing. I’m ready to hear some music. I know [Badu] is going to have some basslines; I know Maxwell is going to have some basslines. That’s the gut of the music. That’s soul music. James Brown solidified that.”

Jill is planning to release the follow-up to 2007’s The Real Thing: Words And Sounds Vol. 3 later this year. 


Scott is also scheduled to perform at the Macy’s Music Festival July 31st at Paul Brown Stadium.

Tickets are on sale now.




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