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This Morning during the “At Work Network” I had the distinct honor, to sit-down and have an in-depth conversation with Mo’Nique, the multi-media powerhouse, Image Award winner and Golden Globe Award Winner. She is in town to perform at the Funny Bone tonight and Saturday.

Tears were shed, jokes were told, but most importantly, a connection between two strong and talented women was cemented through shared life experiences. Mo’Nique Worldwide it was my pleasure!

Here’s a clip of some of the conversation before the tears unfolded.

Wow, family is important! God will use any and everyone to get his message through.  Mo’Nique to spoke to me about the importance of it family, the conversation was amazing. She is so real and down to the earth and I’m so glad that God placed me in the position to have her minister to my life in the way she did. She advised me to keep my family first and to keep going no matter how hard things may seem. I will do so with my head high because she is a prime example that hard work pays off!

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