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I find it amazing that during this shutdown correctional officers at a maximum security facility in Kentucky were forced to work without pay during this time but the inmates still got paid for the jobs that they performed. Interesting. Read below for story and to see the speech CLICK HERE

(ViaWLWT) The GOP-led House gave the  final stamp of approval to the Senate-brokered bill, passing it easily late  Wednesday night. But it wasn’t Republicans who made it happen; a majority of  that party’s caucus actually voted against the measure, which only passed  because of overwhelming Democratic support.

The legislation now goes  to President Barack Obama, who earlier in the night promised to do his part to  end the partial government shutdown and raise the nations’ borrowing limit.

“I will sign it  immediately,” the President said. “We’ll begin reopening our government  immediately.”

When he does, it will be  just in time given warnings the federal government could have run out of money  to pay its bills had Congress not acted to hike the so-called debt ceiling.

The debt cushion now  extends through February 7, with current spending levels being authorized  through January 15.

That means a few months of  breathing room, but little more. After all, the bill doesn’t address many of the  contentious and complicated issues — from changes to entitlement programs to  tax reform — that continue to divide Democrats and Republicans.

“We think that we’ll be  back here in January debating the same issues,” John Chambers, managing director  of Standard and Poor’s rating service, told CNN on Wednesday night “… This is,  I fear, a permanent feature of our budgetary process.”

The heads of the Senate  and House budget committees — Democratic Sen. Patty Murray of Washington and  GOP Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin — will meet Thursday with an eye on addressing  these budget divides. They’ll helm budget negotiations intended to come up with  a broader spending plan for the rest of fiscal year 2014, which ends on  September 30.

Obama, for one, didn’t  seem in the mood Wednesday night for more of the same — saying politicians in  Washington have to “get out of the habit of governing by crisis.”

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