As we previously reported on THISIS50 up coming rapper, Jay Rock has had some harsh words for West Coast Legend, Ice Cube.

speaking on Ice Cube, Jay Rock went on to state:

“Yeah, I was calling him out. I wanted him to say who he was talking about instead of making it look like he could’ve been talking about all of us new rappers. It’s a lot of people that’s hot about what he said but I guess I was the only n*#%a that felt the need to speak out about it. Where I’m from in the NG’s [Nickerson Gardens housing projects] we don’t bite our tongue. We was taught by our O.G.’s to call a nigga out on whatever.”

“Let me clear this up for all the Ice Cube d*ck riders who feelings got hurt… I’m really a Cube fan and I know he paved the way for n*#%as like me. In my comments I never dissed him. I’m not looking for no attention in that way. I’m on the cover of XXL right now and I’ve been in every other magazine out. I’ve had videos on BET and MTV so attention is not what I’m looking for from this. To be real, it’s the same thing he was on when he was coming up. Sh*t, the name of his group was “N*#%as With Attitude.” They spoke up on whatever they was feeling. So why is it so wrong when I say something? But I don’t need no verse or no co-sign because I’m already on, champ, and I got crazy bars!”



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