Women’s Empowerment Conference was a blessing. Aside from the breakout sessions and vendors that gave people the opportunity to network and have one on one interaction. Love and Hip Hop’s Own Benzino hosted the men’s panel that had all the ladies awaiting the answers of what real men think!

Songwriter and R and B singer Mateo hit the stage and showed us how good his love was live on stage. He danced with the ladies during his performance and appeared to be really passionate while singing.

Ms. Tracee Ellis Ross who has an extensive resume, came out to speak to Cincinnati with a pure heart. She was very down to earth. Just in case you missed it read below for some life tips she shared with us.

When you’re feeling emotional and just not in the mood.

  1. Keep it simple- Do the basic, brush your teeth, eat, and make up your bed.
  2. Honor the way you really feel and make sure that you open about your feelings. Don’t be afraid to admit the truth to yourself.
  3. Make sure you give yourself 5 minutes a month. When kids are 5 years old they have no worries and their silly. Make sure you give yourself 5 minutes a least once a month to have a moment to be silly.
  4. Share your joy with others. Smile, Laugh, Talk with others.
  5. Be gentle. When you’re moving around fast and being rough with yourself make sure you slow yourself down by repeating “gentle, gentle” It will help you to treat yourself with respect.

Wish I had her speech at hand so you could hear it all, I’m still hung over from all the empowerment I received. For more tips on life from Trace Ellis visit her website.

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