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If Odom did indeed check into rehab only to check out the following day, seemingly conflicting reports form People — who originally reported that Odom had admitted himself to a rehabilitation center — and TMZ — who refuted that claim — now have room to coexist. It’s possible that the threads of reporting on both ends were correct, but merely representative of an accelerated timeline of admittance and release. If Odom really did check in and out of the center as quickly as is being reported, then it’s entirely plausible that sources close to him might offer different information regarding whether he was still under rehabilitative care for lack of an updated status.

Regardless, a single day at a rehab facility would have little impact on a potential drug habit, leaving room to wonder Odom’s intentions if he admitted himself to rehab as was reported. Odom has yet to publicly acknowledge any such issue or addiction, though ESPN.com reported in August that Odom’s friends were “trying to get him help for an unspecified drug problem.” He was recently reported as missing by TMZ (a claim which Odom’s agent, Jeff Schwartz, denied), but was arrested last Friday morning on DUI Charges in California. From CBSLA.com’s report on the arrest:

“One of our officers observed a white Mercedes SUV driving eastbound on the 101, approaching Sepulveda. The vehicle was weaving in the lanes, driving at approximately 50 miles per hour,” Officer Ming Hsu told KNX 1070.

Officers pulled Odom over around 3:25 a.m. after he exited the freeway at Coldwater Canyon Boulevard. He was arrested after he showed “objective signs or symptoms of intoxication and was unable to perform field sobriety tests as explained,” Hsu said.

TMZ reported additional details of the incident:

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