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We have got to give it to him, Big Sean was on some strategic stuff if this song really came together the way he claims it did! For him to get Kendrick’s verse, see what it was and NOT go back in the booth or try to chop it up says a lot about his own integrity as an artist. Most people would have fled the situation and either changed their own verse or tried to hide from the bombs that were being dropped on every bar that Kendrick was spitting! Big Sean did neither!

In the interview he just gave to Vibe he says,

“I knew what it was for the culture of hip-hop. You see how excited people are, and I wanted to do that for music make that play happen. It gave me like the feeling of how hip-hop was. How it used to be. When I heard [Kendrick’s] verse I wasn’t about to go back and change my verse—that’s cheating. That ain’t the way of an O.G. That ain’t how G’s move.

Check Big Sean out in this Vibe interview in the video below!

Like we said, if that’s the way it went down then we’re pretty impressed and he is right, people are going crazy over the track. It’s been a long time coming but people are finally paying attention to bars and metaphorical creativity! We say who cares WHY they are paying attention to it! We’re just glad that they finally are and Hip Hop Hooray for that!

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