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It seems like everybody putting their chips in on this Kendrick Lamar ish. ..Via Twitter Joey B kinda called out Styles P which sparked a Twitter feud back and forth between the two. Check out the exchange of tweets between the two below.


The D-Block rapper simply tweeted that Kendrick had yet to receive any challengers as of noon, and that’s when Budden chimed in saying that Styles was among those who probably should have… sparking words between the two.

“Whoever he called out was supposed to have chirped back by 12 noon,” Ghost tweeted (@TheRealStylesP).

“@therealstylesp he called out everybody. U included,” Buddens said in a response (@JoeBudden).

For some reason, Styles didn’t like that, and offered some agressive words — and a physical confrontation — toward the Slaughterhouse rapper. “@JoeBudden 1st and foremost I have never acknowledged any kings but biggie ny or not ny 2nd of all don’t play with me I f*** sh** up! … lyrically and physically so chill and save your Internet bullsh** 4 the next ninja”

Budden would urge Styles to just phone him instead of calling out threats on Twitter, writing “type the threats to a n**** that give a f***.”

From there, Styles P would go on to further explain his stance… before giving Joe the option to handle the dispute, physically, behind closed doors.

“Just don’t @ me talking like we folk if we ain’t!

“I shouldn’t have thrown the physically part in that was ignorant ! But I don’t f*** with joe like that so it offended me!im street he is net,” he explained. “I’m open to any scrapping behind closed doors with no law involved though!”

Joe Budden has since deleted his tweets, and hasn’t responded further to Styles P’s threats…(Via Ballerstatus)


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