Kendrick Lamar has set the hip-hop world on fire once again.  Not because of a new song he’s released or a new tour announcement.  But because of an Ether verse he contributed to Big Sean‘s new song ‘Control‘.  Kendrick Lamar gives the rap world something it needs…a wake up call.  In the verse Kendrick mentions the greats like Kanye, Jay-Z, & Eminem but then calls out his competitors like A$AP Rocky, J Cole, Drake, & Even Big Sean himself.  Twitter has been blowing up since this song came out.  But when you think about it there are some rappers who are at the top of the charts but didn’t get one mention in Kendrick’s verse.  Is it because he doesn’t see these rappers as factors?  And what are these artists thinking right now?  When you think about it getting a mention in Kendrick Lamar’s verse is also a stamp of approval from the West Coast MC.  In some way it gives these artists even more relevance.

Take a listen to Kendrick’s verse on ‘Control’ and then check out our list of rappers who probably wish they were mentioned in Kendrick’s verse on this hot track (Shout out to Jay Electronica who totally gets overshadowed by Kendrick’s verse so much that many people didn’t even know he was on the song)

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