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These are just a few of the services offered by Black Friend Connect. Contact us if you do not see something on this list that you are requiring. We are here to help!

Every white person needs a black friend. Whether it is fist bumping you in front of your co-workers or being the black friend you introduce to all your white friends at a party, Black Friend Connect will fulfill all of your black friend needs.

Black Friend Connect services not only provide you with a black friend, but also answers to questions about black people that you have always wanted to know. These are questions you wanted to ask a black person, but did not because they were not your friend. But guess what? Now you can have a black friend to ask those questions. Get your very own black friend today!

Here are some testimonials from happy customers :

Hello Black Friend Connect,

Darnell and Terrel were a hit at my daughters Sweet 16 party in Beverly Hills this weekend. Everyone was amazed that my wife and I even knew one black person… but two; and we were friends with them. It was fantastic! When football season starts, nothing would make our Monday Night football get-togethers better than all my white friends in my man cave along with my new black friends Darnell and Terrel. Anyway, just wanted to drop you a quick line with how appreciative I am of the great service that you provide. Thanks again Black Friend Connect!


James Hamilton III

Beverly Hills, California

Hello Black Friend Connect!

Thank you for providing me with such an amazing black friend this weekend. Jamal Williams was such a nice and friendly guy. All my white friends were so shocked when I pulled up to the campsite with my new black friend. Around the campfire that night, Jamal told us some funny stories about growing up in the hood and also gave fist bumps to everyone at least two or three times. He went above and beyond what I expected! I’ll definitely be using your services again! Thanks Black Friend Connect!

Your white friend who now has a black friend,

Dean Huls

Apple Valley, Minnesota

Black Friend Connect,

My black friend was amazing! DeShawn Jackson was more than happy to be my best man at my wedding last weekend. All my white friends were so impressed! They didn’t even know that I knew any black people… and one that would be my best man!

Thanks Black Friend Connect! The next time I get married I’ll definitely use your services again for sure!

A satisfied customer,

Garret Roach

Farmington, Minnesota


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