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Fans of H&M can rejoice as the retailer has announced the launch date for their online store. The company had “plans to launch online store in 2012, but suddenly decided to delay the launch. Then it was rumored the store would launch the web-store sometime in June but again H&M said the news was false and tweeted the official date of the launch of the site.

H&M has web stores in the  Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and the UK, and only physical stores in the U.S. Even though H&M announced plans for a web-store back in 2012 and failed to deliver on that promise hopefully, this time around the launch will go as planned. Euro based stores Uniqlo and Topman , both competitors of H&M have an upper hand on the company because they offer the option to shop online.  H&M maybe last to ecommerce party but I they will see a big boast in sales once the site goes live in the states.


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