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Following his third NBA title, Dwyane Wade gets to business, releasing a new fitness app called “Dwyane Wade Driven” on Monday (June 24).

Released for iOS, the app offers customized training programs and video tutorials to help athletes and fans improve their skills, strength and speed.

Powered by Driven Apps, Dwyane Wade Driven is designed to give athletes and fans everywhere access to the drills and moves that the NBA star, himself, uses. Additionally, it allow users to track and share their progress.

“There’s nothing else out there like this,” Wade says of the new art. “I’m excited for my fans and aspiring athletes to have access to the drills and moves that make me stand out on the court.

“Most importantly, my Driven App provides a great workout program that guides you step by step through the exercises that will change your game so you can train, compete and live like a champion.”

Dwyane Wade Driven is for sale in Apple’s App Store for $3.99.


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