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Ok Ladies! We all think a like! Have you ever found yourself wondering if it’s too early to sleep with a man… or what to do if you’ve ALREADY gotten physical, and now he’s stopped seeing you and calling you for no apparent reason?

Next time you’re deciding whether to sleep with him, make sure you’re not making one of these 3 critical mistakes:

#1Fooling Yourself-Sometimes women say nothing to a man about what sleeping together really means to her because she believes he feels the same way.

#2Pretending It’s Meaningless-Have you ever wanted to hide your feelings after sleeping with a man because you thought it might “weird him out” or make it awkward?

#3Becoming Clingy Or Needy-Although you may feel more bonded to a man after sleeping with him, know that he won’t fall for you just because you slept together

Remember HONESTLY and COMMUNICATION IS KEY! If you can’t open up to him before sex then simple…don’t do it!

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