As Kanye West said on “Otis,” rappers are about to make other music genres tuck their whole summer in. After Kanye West dropped an album and Jay-Z announced his upcoming project, Eminemdrops a new song called “Symphony In H.”

Lifted off DJ Tony Touch‘s upcoming album “Piecemaker 3: Return of the 50 MCs.” Not only is “Symphony In H” a return to music for Marshall Mathers, it’s also marks the return of his alter ego Slim Shady. Though never mentioned by name, you definitely get reminded of “My Name Is..” during the this new track. His verse is as violent as any Shady verse ever was. “Feel an urge to put you over the line and chop you with a razor blade/ Yo wait, I’m an a-hole/ Devil with a halo/ Hell yeah I’d nail J.Lo…to the railroad!”

Pick up DJ Tony Touch’s album when it drops July 9th. Peep the song below.


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