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Back in 2012, during a routine screening, the adult film industry discovered that veteran actor Mr. Marcus, real name Jesse Spencer, had syphilis. He received a penicillin shot immediately. But when he was screened 11 days later he still showed signs of the disease. But instead of sitting out of the next shoot, Mr. Marcus altered the results of the second test and returned to work. Well, earlier today Spencer, who plead no contest to the charges, was sentenced to 30 days in jail. He was also ordered to perform 15 days of community service and serve three years probation. Spencer is also jailed with a $200,000 bail for an unrelated drunk driving case. Mr. Marcus, 42, claimed that when he went back to work and took part in two shoots, he thought he was no longer infectious. A producer found the altered test results and told the two actresses he worked with and they called the police. Spencer wasn’t the only actor who tested positive for syphilis last summer. In fact he was one of nearly a dozen. The outbreak lead the adult film industry to implement a filming hiatus and established a new condom law. 30 days, community service and probation seems like a light sentence for knowingly endangering people’s lives but who are we to judge. What do you think of this story and the ruling – See more at: http://madamenoire.com/280152/mr-marcus-sentenced-to-30-days-in-jail-for-spreading-syphilis/#sthash.6KtBbV5m.dpuf

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